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Thread: Soon to be an MPS driver

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    Default Soon to be an MPS driver

    Hi All,

    I'm new to this forum and i registered as i am currently searching for MPS6.

    I have driven a couple of used MPS6s but i'm yet to settle for one. Is there anything i should be aware off or something i need to look for before i give my money to the dealers?

    I have heard about a recall on the clutch but i'm not too sure what this recall was for exactly... i saw on other threads that some have had issues with diffs, wastegate solenoids and transfer cases leaks...should i be asking the dealer to check this before i take delivery of the car?..

    When i drove the car i noticed that there was a clear flat spot around 3.5k to 4k rpm and mentioned this to the dealer but they put it down to hot weather which i didn't swallow.

    any assistance on what to look for or what i need to be aware off or get the dealer to check would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hope you get one!

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    good luck.. i know in bris there are a few goin for about 30k

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    welcome!!! all the best in getting your ride. talk to some of the mps6 crew. i sure they steer u in right direction.

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    There are a few 6MPS members who can help you out here....

    All cars have some just get a car you feel is worthy.

    Check it and look for log books and where it was serviced and when.

    Happy Motoring

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    aboard and I hope you find a descent ride....

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    Welcome to the forum mate.

    Good luck with finding that special ride

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    mate, aweseome choice you won't be dissapointed once you get one (MPS 6) Some things to watch out for:

    Drive line vibrations (mainly rear diff mounts, though there has been other causes) find a smooth road cruise at around 100kph and if you feel vibrations lift the handbrake a notch as this disconnects the AWD, if the vibrations go away then it may be something worth investigating. Also vibrations under hard acceleration could be something loose or worn.

    Transfer case seal leak, also occurred on the CX7's best way to check is remove the under body cover and look for oil leaks.

    Flat spot could be the same hesitation that occurs when shifting from 2nd to 3rd at WOT and this had a couple of different fixes - see the MPS6 problems thread.

    The clutch was something from the 05 builds from memory and not a problem on my 06 build.

    Other things to watch out for, check here

    Good hunting for your MPS
    R36 - Just like an MPS6 except with a growly V6

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    Thanks you all for your responses.. After three weeks of hunting... i have found i really nice 05. The body is in brand new condition and i couldn't even see a any swirl marks.. and apparently it hadn't even been detailed..

    Interior was in great condition and couldn't see any scratches anywhere... the only thing i noticed is that the leather seems to have shrank a little in the rear seat... oh well you can have everything i guess

    So i pick it up on Saturday...

    Thanks to this forum i got the dealer to check the condition of the turbo seals, wastegate solenoid and the o2 sensor just in case... anyway i have three months worth of warranty but if anyone thinks i should ask for an extended warranty let me know... the car has 40k on the clock.

    Looking forward to my new car... only thing is ( my poor motorbike will have to go so i can afford the new expense )

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    was this the one at brighton mazda?

    had a look at it a couple of weeks ago - liked the car - hated the dude trying to sell it... was still contemplating getting it, but they wouldn't budge (for me) on price.

    good luck! hope it turns out well - I shall continue my search

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    haha.... indeed it was....

    They actually had two MPS6s at brighton Mazda... one was an 06 and the other was the 05.... the one i purchased was the 05....

    The body was is much better condition than the 06....

    I think we got served by the same old dude as he mentioned that there was someone else that wanted the car cheap from far away and he didn't budge on the price... and that was the first thing he told me.... however i don't even know why he even mentioned it as I never asked him for a discount on the car. In my books the car being sold for only 29k it was certainly cheaper than everywhere else i had seen... and for the condition of the car... it was a bargain!... anyhow.... i got along well with him and he prepared the car really well.... i was impressed so i've give him some points for that.... good service after all...

    I did push him for a better price on my trade in as the car that i traded in was a loyal work horse and in one way or another ... i was attached to it... but this mps6 was just so much better!

    Hope you find a nice one out there.
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    Congrats on your purchase you must be over the moon

    Put some pics up when you get the sexy beast

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    Here are some pics of the new toy.....

    I have already purchased a CAI and the Carbon Fibre grill you see in the picture, but this is the only external change i will do to the car

    From my previous car i kept all my stereo gear so when i get i chance i will be installing the following...

    Focal Polyglass 6" Splits front
    Focal Polyglass 6" Splits rear
    1 x Alpine 1000wrms Digital Mono Block (power being filtered thanks to a 2 farad cap) to drive 2 x 12" Boston Acoustics G5 Subs
    and...2 x Alpine MRVT420 2 channel amps with 110wrms on each channel to drive each of the focal splits..

    (Not sure yet how i will adapt this gear to the original head unit but i'm sure i'll work it out... my old car was also a 3.5 litre V6 so having a torquey engine helped move the extra weight in the boot but with this car being a 4 cylinder... not sure if i want to add all that extra weight in the boot)

    and i also have a Dolby Digital Prologic II 5.1 decoder which i was runing with a dvd player in my previous car but i don't think i'll be able to use it on this car for obvious reasons, but if i find a way to install it then i will install the pair of Boston Acoustic 4" 2-way speakers that i was runnning in my old car as centre channels..

    It's all in the drawing board so i'll keep you all posted...

    Any suggestions on the stereo will be greatly appreciated as it seems we have no choice but to use the existing head unit...However i'm already dissapointed with the sound quality of the existing bose system and i expected a lot more from such a reputable name in the business. Being an audio enthusiast, i'm into sound quality and the bose system just doesn't cut it for me (without being arrogant ofcourse ).

    Rob G
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    Looks great mate Liking the CF grille, wonder if this would look good on my Velocity Red! Not a stereo expert, but can say there is more than enough torque in these motors! When I've driven spiritedly with 2 big mates on board there is no problem with the torque, I'm assuming your gear is less than 200kg

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    thanks.... Being red... i reckon your car would look awesome with a black grill!...

    and with regards to my equipment... i'm not sure how heavy all the gear is.. but it sure did bring my previous car down by an extra inch!... over the already low suspension... haha

    anyhow... looking forward to getting some extra ponies from the engine and enjoying it for the long road ahead...

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    Looks awesome love the grill

    Plenty of tourqe....easily enough for that weight!

    Very very jealous of your grill BTW!

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