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Thread: Rotten exhaust smell

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    Default Rotten exhaust smell

    Hi guys

    Soo I've started noticing a smell from my exhaust, and its very much a rotten smell. Seems to have sprung up in the last couple of months (being winter). Have tried different fuels - Ultimate, Vortex and now VPower all seem to give the same smelly result regardless if I'm driving hard or like miss daisy. Starting to be somewhat of a concern.

    All research so far seems to point at a Cat going bad or exhaust manifold leak...?

    Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on what my next plan of attack should be.


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    There's a thread already about this...

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    Yes, and he posted in it already, the last post...

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    Was trying to target WA audience, my bad..

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    ah you posted in WA section i see. That's more for events anyway. Hence why the other was just in tech talk, because that's what it is.

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