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Thread: Anyone have a boost leak tester I can borrow? (North-west melb)

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    Default Anyone have a boost leak tester I can borrow? (North-west melb)

    I have a suspicion that my mps 6 has a boost leak. Just doesn't feel fast under wot at all.. And when I had an AP max boost was around 13psi.. I tried making a boost leak tester myself but I'm hopeless with these things and couldn't get it to pressurize over 2psi lol.. So if anyone can help me out that would be great

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    If you can't borrow one, they are fairly easy to make if you do it right. One of these the same size as your turbo outlet and one of these or similar and a drill/knife is all you need. Attach valve to pvc cap and tighten well. Take off the first boost hose (from turbo to intercooler), put the PVC inside and tighten clamp, then reattach to the intercooler and pressurise.
    How were you doing it before can I ask?
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