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    Hi guys.
    anyone knows how to tell the difference between the revised vvt actuator vs the old original actuator that had problems? Is there an external difference?


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    My understanding is that the difference was a proper hardening process on a component that hadn't been applied properly on the original. I'm not sure there's a way to tell except age and whether a wedge has broken away from the pin housing. It could be that you might be able to tell from the patina on the metal or the degree of wear, but unfortunately I'm not sure myself as I'm a bit useless at spinning a spanner, as much as I enjoy engineering. AFAIK it's basically the same part but the metal characteristics are different.

    2NV or more experienced members with tear-down and service experience might be able to shed some more light on that for you.
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    Pretty sure the revised VVT actuator has a letter C stamped on the end after some letters

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