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  • No, I've never experienced smoking

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  • Yes, and I have a completely stock exhaust.

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  • Yes, and I have a cat-back or race-pipe.

    7 4.61%
  • Yes, and I have a turbo-back or downpipe.

    38 25.00%
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Thread: Smoking and Turbo Seals

  1. Default Reapir of a stock turbo

    I Bought a original Garrett Turbo catridge from the local Garrett dealer, it cost 1/4 of a reconed turbo, and it only took an hour to install the new catridge. I have now been driving 2 mounths whithout smoke. The whole operation to remove the turbo, replace catridge and re-install the turbo took me 6 hrs in total on a Mazda 6 MPS.
    After the installation the performance increase and gave me 500 rpms in the bottom and pulls to red line, where it stopped at 5500 rpm.
    I am using an ATP downpipe, that caursed the hole smooking problem.

    It is a cheap alternative to a new turbo.

  2. Default Stock 2012 Mazda3 MPS exhaust smoke

    Hi All, after some advise. I am guessing based on this thread that it could be the turbo seals. I have a stock 2012 Mazda 3MPS and it has 193000kms on the clock. Ive owned it since new, serviced regularly. I have never had an issue and only in the last week have noticed a little smoke out the exhaust when idling or if I put my foot down hard (which of course never really happens, ha ha). I just want some advise on thoughts of what it could be so I am not ripped off when I need to go to the mechanic.I am going to try ands attach a video of what I mean. Im new here, so excuse me if I am not clear enough.

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    Also check that the opil return line from the turbo isn't gummed up with deposits - if it gets blocked/too restricted then oil will push past seals. Yes likely seals.

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