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    Hey all
    new Brisbane mps owner here 💜
    bought my 2005 6 MPS 3 weeks ago!!!
    love my new baby so much. Need ideas now for looks and sound my baby is red 😊

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    Welcome! Congrats on your purchase! I’m sure you can dig up some inspiration here

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    greetings and welcome. I'm sure it should love you back Browse around I'm sure you'll see some interesting ideas, wheels is the first thing that occurs to me but....myself; then I get caught up in making it a perfect solution so change the suspension to suit, you see? And so on and so forth, but not so much as many here
    "Blue Meanie" 2007 Aurora Blue MPS 3 - 18x8.5+44 SSR GTX01 - 235/40R18 Federal RS-RR - 3.5" ETS TMIC - CPE stg 2 mount - HKS/CPE BPV - 2XS inlet - 2XS short shift - 2XS turbo manifold - Hypertech tune - Leather/Aluminium handbrake - Momo shifty knob - 7" touchscreen - JDM Mazda Retractable dashtop screen assembly - PC based GPS and instrumentation - 36AH reserve battery and C-TEK isolator - TEIN Street Advanced coilovers 1" drop - Superpro bushings - 220Kw/410Nm.

    "Lipstick" 2013 Velocity Red MPS 3 - 18x7.5+48 Enkei RPF1 -225/40R18 Federal RS-RR - CPE TMIC - COBB inlet - CPE stg 2 mount - COBB Stage 1 98 octane tune - COBB shifty knob - 2XS short shift.

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    Welcome and congrats on the purchase, I have a red 6 MPS as well! There would be a few things I would check first before the looks, like when was the last time the chain and VVT were done, does it have an aftermarket rear motor mount (or what is the condition of it), and if there any other mods with it.

    For looks, I'm a big fan of lowered, tinted and black wheels, I'm waiting to put my gen 2 RX8 wheels on.

    For sound, starting looking at an intake, nice spool noises .

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