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Thread: help with installing boost gauge Perth area

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    Default help with installing boost gauge Perth area

    Is there anyone in the Perth area that can help me out with installing my boost gauge. I have no idea how to do it myself Im happy to meet up wherever and time isn't too much of an issue. most likely best after Christmas. As for payment im not sure how much something like this would cost, just let me know how much you think its worth. thanks

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    LEISK Hi. Message me after Xmas and I would be happy to give you a look at my setup. I'm just South of River. It's pretty easy. Routing the line into the car is about the only fiddle, along with deciding where you want to mount the gauge. Mine is a Prosport unit. Cheers.

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    Thanks for that! ok will do, talk to you then

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    Hi Mate, im NOR wouldn't mind catching up and having a look and maybe getting one myself. if cool im new to mazdas used to have a r33 now ive gone down the little 4door sleeper path. h8 cops

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