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Thread: MPS6 Owner in Western Sydney

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    Default MPS6 Owner in Western Sydney

    Hey guys,

    Bought a 2005 MPS6 about 5 weeks ago, gorgeous car! Been having so many problems with it however. Heres a run down of what happened.

    Needed a new clutch when i bought it cause it had a vibration in the pedal, got told it was a finger worn on the pressure plate. When i got it replaced it was a warped flywheel.
    Had it back for a day and the wheel bearing and cv boot gave out on the left front.
    Got it back and had it back for about a week and a half and driving to work on the m4 a loud explosion changing from first to second in traffic. Took it to MPS Garage and upon investigation, the engine blew a conrod snapped and blew a hole through the block and sump. It sent the piston up through the head and messed up the starter motor blew the oil pump and shards of metal went through the engine and ruined the turbocharger.
    So its gonna cost atleast $7k to fix all that and out of the 5 weeks owning it, its been at the mechanics for nearly 4 of them lol.
    Anyway getting the engine rebuilt are there things i should be looking out for and also what other issues are known about these cars which i should look at getting fixed at the same time, thanks in advance.

    I have put a photo of the car i took 2 days before it blew lol

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    Jebus mate, dont know where to start.

    I think you should be talking to MPS2NV.

    I think you brought the book he wrote the other year.

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    fark dude, that's horrible
    still got a warranty on that thing? (hoping it's still stock...)
    MPS2NV (as has been mentioned) has had pretty much the same thing happen to him

    hope you enjoy the forums...

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    warranty is not transferrable on sale of car. i bought it private sale unfortunately so no chance of doing anything there. i did get a vehicle inspection done on the car but so i am looking at legal advice on what i can do with the company but dont know that i will have much luck.
    I have plenty of time to read the forums so far its all looking pretty good haha

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    If you can get warranty out of Mazda for that, I will be very impressed, since Mitch (MPS2NV) tried that when his car was only just out of warranty, with him being the owner from new, and they basically told him to stick it in an uncomfortable place.

    Sorry to hear you have had such a bad run of luck with a great looking car, hopefully its not too long before you are up and running again.

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    yeah on the outside its such an attractive car and the interior is smick. just under the hood is rooted haha.
    I am having blocks and complete engines sourced from the states tossing up which way is best to go, might build the engine from scratch if its economically viable. add a few more bits and pieces.

    Anyone know of gear box problems with these cars at all?

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    How sure are you that the clutch was actually a buggered fly? Sounds like you could have had a bent rod already with the clutch vibrations... Check the big bang thread out.

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    Yep, clutch vibrations are usually the first tell tale sign of a bent rod, some people are lucky and catch them before its too late, unfortunately most don't.
    I feel sorry for what you've been through, hope it all works out in the end.

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    i had the clutch and flywheel replaced and the dual well flywheel was warped and thats what caused the vibration. there was no vibration after it got replaced. I'll check the big bang thread out tonight, can someone paste a quick link or let me know what section its in? thanks

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    Hey man, I see your car at mpsgarage for the last few weeks ive been round there, saw that block and always have the chills about it, because i pretty much would have just bought my MPS6 about the same time as you (noob here as-well), and eerie thing its red too. So sorry to hear about it though, I actually spotted you at the M4 when it happened and was actually shocked to see an fellow MPS6 like that, had second thoughts on the reilability of the car but ahh well,, sexy cars they are especially if you want a family/sports car.

    Seems like your in good hands though, I keep asking Aaron about whats happening with it, seems to have it all in control.. once you get it back, you won't have to worry much like me here haa.. all the best mate!

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    I've got a 3mps and live in mounty county sorry to hear about the car mate you would've been spewing, I know I would have been.. Thing with these cars is when some thing goes on em usually sets u back an arm and a leg

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    got the quote back last night, i am up for $12000

    Just need to decide whether to get a new stock engine or have a block rebuilt with forged pistons and rods and upgraded bearings etc. Both are the same cost, suggestions?

    Qwoootz - the car has been at MPS Garage more than its been in my possession haha, 8 weeks of owning it 6 weeks in the shop not a bad ratio

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    12 grand!? Feck!
    For that, I sure hope you're getting forged internals, and an 11 second build!

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    Hey Darren,

    I was at MPS Garage 2 Saturdays ago and saw your car. I must say that the exterior is super clean even thought it haven't left the garage for more then 6 weeks! I could only wish that my black MPS 6 remain clean for more than 3 days! Also it lower just nice!

    Since you're already getting a new block, might as well get forged internals when you're at it. In the future if you want more boost with bigger turbo (i.e, GT3076), you can just do it and not worry about the internal works cause it's already done..
    Addicted to Boost.

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    mann,, serious all best with it ey!! i hope you got the extra savings there.. atleast you can look at it as a crazy upgrade..

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    Yeah i am leaning towards the new block, comes with forged internals upgraded oil pump and race bearings etc.
    Also getting a turbosmart BOV while i am at it and thinking about getting the CPE Rear diff mount put in it.

    Thanks for the comments guys, the car is immaculate inside and out just the engine bay is all kinds of messed up haha. Needs new tires and rego is due soon so i am up for big money haha so i am gonna put rims on it while i am at it.

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    Someone got PAID yo!! haa

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    hahaha someones going into more debt yo! haha just figure if im borrowing money for a new engine a few more grand on the loan isnt all that bad.
    Its only money in the end right?

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    It's the end result that matters! I'm glad that you are taking these issues rather lightly.

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    haha if you dont laugh about it you'll just cry.

    Decided on brand new engine as it comes with warranty hopefully ill be on the road sooner rather than later

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