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Thread: New MPS6 owner in Perth

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    Looks much better low, it is on the list of things i desperately need to do to mine.

    The sure dread and jugger go on easy enough, once you drop the subframe.

    It is easily do-able in day taking your time, as long as Mazda didn't cross thread a bolt when they installed the mounts in the first place...

    I would advise freeze spray (from Repco) and a decent socket for the main subframe bolts.

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    Thanks mate,
    Haven't used freeze spray before? But I'll give it a shot.

    Anyone know the thread/size specs of the studs I might need? Thinking I'll pop down to coventries later to sort out all the ancillaries. Interesting FYI, nissan sr20 brake caliper bolts work on the stock forward diff mount, lol. Origianl studs had sheared, so nissan spares were used in the meantime, kek

    Also, if one of the mods browse past this, can you please move the thread over to the 'Members Rides' section? No longer an introduction thread, lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by MadAussie View Post
    So these arrived today...

    I excite@!
    Want want want want can I has?

    Hows te intake going mate?

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    The intakes going great man! Makes the right noises, just have to make a heat shield for it, as sitting in traffic my intake temps do shoot up.
    But no issues whatsoever

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    Honey badger don't give a fuk


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    Awesome photos! Is that your easter project? It really isn't a small job is it!

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    Good luck man, looks like fun! Haha.

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    Diff was all back in by 5pm yesterday arvo... Took from 8pm to 1am to drop it, 7am to 10am to have the mounts on, a million ****ing years to get the sway bar in (Whoever said you can do this under the car was on meth hey), and yeah rest of the arvo to re-assemble. We also managed a 5 stud conversion, steering rack swap and a new axle on my mates 180sx in the same day.

    But as I've said earlier, most things like this are do-able in your back yard, stuff going to a mechanic for things like mounts and bushes.

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    I does look like it'd be fun, although I dont have any tools here... They're all back in Brisbane, with my walk under garage that makes things so so so so much easier. I'm planning on doing the diff mounts at the same time as the sway bar like you have (and the coil overs... and the caster/camber bushes... and maybe slotted rear discs and pads...). I think with the amount of I'm planning on doing I'll find a workshop and do it all in one hit... All things I wish I had of done before I came over to Perth :P How does it drive?

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    Please Close, and direct yourselves to the new thread. Thanks so much for the feedback gents!


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