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    Hi All,
    I am looking to purchase a Gen2 mps3 in the near future and I was hopingto modify it almost straight away, I was thinking along the lines of cp-e engine mount, CAI, full 3" exhaust (probably CES) and a ChipTorque xede, in that order.

    I was wondering if all you owners out there reading this would be able to please answer a few of my questions regarding these mods.

    If I get a 3"exhaust fitted would I get a CEL straight away? and if so how bad it is for the car? I was looking at getting the exhaust fitted at a local workshop (1/2 hour north of bris) then taking it to CT in nerang for an xede and tune at a later date. Would anyone suggest a CT tuner on the Northside?

    Thanks in advance and sorry if its a repost!

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    I wouldn't get an Xede, see if you can get the factory ECU flashed instead. Not sure if Chiptorque are doing this yet, but others around the place are. There are a few places on the northside, one which will be recommended to you is Allstar Tuning at Brendale, they look after the Grand Prix Mazda 3MPS racing cars.

    Your choice of CES exhaust is a good one, great product. You shouldn't get CEL's. One of the guys on the forum here works at CES, I'm sure he'll chime in and let you know.

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    I'm chiming in.
    Yes, I work for CES. If you buy a system from me, I can do a good deal. We currently don't have a full system for the Gen 2, only the DP, cat and mid section. It would require your car for a few extra days to make and jig the rear muffler section.
    We haven't had a CEL with out DP and cat fitted to a Gen 2 (YET) but, I doubt we ever will. Some "other" brands seem to be getting CELs often. Research is your friend.

    Chiptorque don't have a flash for the Gen 2, yet. Don't bother with the XEDE, you'll be disappointed later down the track. Wait for the flash, or, drive to Sydney and have Tunehouse do it.
    There is Mercury Motorsports on the northside doing the ECUtek flash, but, they are not site supporters, support the forum that supports you.

    Definately get the Cpe REM, it's one of the best bang for buck mods you can get. Search the forums and if you don't find what your looking for (There are alot of "stickys" for FAQ in each section) then start a new thread.

    I also do a boxed SRI for the Gen 2. The sky is the limit with mods to these cars. Let us know what you want to acheive from your car and we'll all give you alot of useless information that you can then scratch your head about for weeks on end.
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    great bunch of guys up there in brisbane.... and you got the 2XS garage as well
    would love to post my $0.02, but i would just be repeating what has already been said

    hope you enjoy the forums and your new car

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    I'd second Allstar Tuning,done some awesome stuff on my car for little bucks Know there stuff with the race car and produce the best out of your car without spending the earth,I'd 2nd CES,Troy (2XS) really knows his stuff... Has the runs on the board with his on car...

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    Hey all,
    I wasn't expecting such a quick reply! Thanks for the advice, a couple more noob questions though; why would you not recommend the xede/ is there any word on a flash tune from CT for the gen2? So a tune wouldnt be necessary to run a 3" TBE? Thanks for the Allstar Tuning recommendation, as brendale is only 15 mins away it was awesome to hear that! CES seems to have a very positive response on these forums!

    Thanks again all!

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    nope, you can run a full TBE without a tune... i think yeldrab has a full TBE on his gen 2
    no idea when CT will have gen 2 tuning hopefully they'll announce it at the up coming dyno day
    the xede is only a piggyback, and there is certain parameters that it cant change (dont think it can do 1st/2nd restrictions for instance, or throttle plate positioning) where as a full flash tune can
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    Welcome Ben! Have to third the All Star recommendations as I have been getting them to dyno and service my Gen2 and the guys down there are great to deal with. 2XS and CES are also awesome to deal with and offer quality mods with great customer service. I have their SRI and Twin DP installed and have got great results from these mods. From what other Gen2 owners have been saying tune wise, hold out for the flash tune as the ECUtek tune has delivered great results.
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