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Thread: 2007 mps 6

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    Just got my 2007 MAZDA 6 MPS.
    It is titanium grey and I love it.
    I had a normal Mazda 6 black and upgraded
    Wow what a difference.

    I live in sydney and am just getting the feel of my new toy.
    I want to learn more about this car and how to drive it safely and efficiently.
    I have never had a high performance car like this so I am looking for any suggestions on a course to go to. Not so much defensive driving but someplace that can teach me more than i know about turbo cars and driving them.
    Sorry guys i sounds a bit of a woose but I am a girl.
    Any advice out there will be appreciated. Kim

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    Mate im pickin mine up today 2. Red 05 model. Cant wait. Feedback wud benefit me 2.

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    Congrats both of you on getting a fantastic MPS6 im sure you will both enjoy it.

    Kimmy I did do a defensive driving course in mine and I felt it was beneficial in the fact that it let me get a better feel for the car and be more comfortable with pushing it more and my ability to drive it under thos conditions. Getting used to driving a turbo car is just something that happens, prob just change gears before hitting revving it past the power curve and you will get the best out of it.

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    Welcome Kimmy, and don't worry, the fact you've bought an MPS proves you're not a woose

    I can't really make course suggestions as I'm not from NSW, but I hope you enjoy your time here regardless. Lots of nice people and lots of good info here too



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    Hi Kimmy and welcome.
    Great choice of car! There's nothing woosey about learning to be a better driver, and learning the limits of your car and yourself.
    Have a great time with your MPS6

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    Kimmy and Purenv and congrats on your purchase! The MPS6 is a great car.

    Kimmy, if you wish to learn more about your car I am pleased to say you're in the right place. Plenty of MPS6 owners on here with some great advice and knowledge.

    My advise for now would be, get a feel for the car on the road, no pushing any real limits. If you're car is stock, boost will come early at around 2,500RPM or perhaps a touch over, bare that in mind if you take a corner quick and you're approaching that sort of power ban. Max torque I believe is around 3,000RPM but I can stand corrected on that one. If you're not used to the car or concerned about your skills perhaps keep the DSC button on (default) you can always turn it off and push limits at another time, do this for heavy launches etc.

    Just a word of advise, try not to hit full power below 3,000RPM unless in the lower gear. It's not healthy to plant your foot with near 400Nm in a high gear when you're car won't really go anywhere due to low revs but there is a massive supply of torque on demand. Over 3,000RPM, go nuts!

    Any questions, post them up and we'll try help out! For now enjoy your car!

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    kimmy and Purenv
    much of rogwick has said is good advice
    defensive driving courses are actually pretty good, it teaches you about your car in a rather safe environment
    also, if you know a stretch of road that you like driving along, take the MPS along it, dont have to go too quickly, but it will give you a feel for the car
    and dont take any lessons from Blackbetty in females driving 6's... that car doesnt wait for anyone.... and goes even faster in the wet
    we have a meet up next wednesday night for dinner at ribs n rumps near homebush:
    else, we have a cruise/drive early next year:
    best advice i can give, with learning the car, dont give it a bootful until you are on a somewhat straight stretch of road, with not much traffic... else you could find yourself relying on it's rather good brakes sooner than you want

    hope you both enjoy your cars, if you have any questions, there is plenty of helpful people here
    enjoy the forums
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    Thank you for all the tips and advise. You all were very helpful and welcoming. I will take it all on board.
    Have had MPS 6 days now and feel right at home. As each day passes I love it more and more.
    I will post some photos soon.
    In the new year I will do a defensive driving course and would also like to do a run with other MPS's in the club.
    I use to be in the M-X5 club and they were a lot of fun.
    I will look foward to learning more about these cars.
    The only thing that I have not got in my car is an ipod connection for my iphone 4 and suggestions or soloutions.You think Mazda would of
    put an auxiliary in the stereo by now.
    Thx again everyone

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