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Thread: Yet another New MPS 3 Owner!!!

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    Nah I wouldn't remove the rear one, that would be just silly and its too easy to see that it's just a straight pipe.

    Taking out just the one resonator would be no biggie, I'd rather save some pennies and do this rather than replace the whole system just to get the sound and very little power gain, that money could be better spent on a tune or some wheels...

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    welcome back mate! Still waiting on them pics hehe!!!? We have a heathcote day coming up next sunday if ur interested? If you buying stuff from the states let me know and we can get x2 cheaper that way!! cheers catch up soon.
    ps- im starting to get confused, there are 4 alex's from melb mps scene lol

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    Thanks mate!

    Yeah see how I go, I'm prety busy this weekend since the good ol Datsun is finally sold and is being picked up.

    I'll let you know man, I have a cousin in Houston so I could get the stuff shipped to his place and he can then shipp the parts over to me, cheaper if he does it than a online shop.

    I will post up a thread on the multimedia section with the pics, must admit most looked fine on the camera but I still insist I should invest on a tripod...

    Holly cow that is confusing, pity it's such a awesome name!

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