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Thread: Hi all just a few quick questions

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    Default Hi all just a few quick questions

    Im looking at an 2006 6mps at the moment and was wanting to know if this year had clutch issues like some other years?
    also can you fully disable the stability and traction control?
    dose this year have mp3 capability?
    what are these cars like for reliability? (week points)
    and can you switch from different stability programs?

    sorry for all the questions first up but im trying to make a quick decision as to weather i get this car or not...

    Regards Pete

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    Hello mate and to the forum!

    Glad to know you're chasing a 6MPS. They're great cars! I have the 2006 model and I can't say I've had any clutch issues as yet. The only thing that may get some people is the grabby clutch and the AWD system, so taking off can take some practice and launching should be done with some degree of care. You can actually adjust the clutch yourself if you want...refer link for some info

    There is a DSC (Dynamic Stability control) button located on the right just near the instrument illumination control which, depressed it disables the on board vehicle stability program and also traction control. Having AWD you'll still get loads of grip though, unless in the wet and you want to play.

    As far as I am aware the 2005 model MPS6 does not have MP3 capabilities, for some reason they revised that in the 2006 model and its definitely a 6 stack MP3 compatible unit. That's tonnes of music! You could probably drive across Australia on a cycle of CD's!

    If you're concerned with problems. I won't lie the car is not faultless. Typically they're ok. The build is quite good but at the end of the day it is a Mazda and not a BMW. Some guys experience different problems. The only one I have at the moment is the upper ball joint on the control arm which is faulty which I intend to replace soon. Not a big issue, just an annoying "click" sound. Also, the front brake disc gaurd came loose and was rubbing on the disc. 5mins and it was fine again. Check link for more detailed info

    No, as far as I know you cannot switch between stability programs. But I would recommend modifying the stock suspension. It's a bit of a boat out of the showroom. Stiffen up with some low springs or a coilover set-up and you're laughing

    There is a cruise on Friday night (WA) come along if you want to see some 6's. I'm most likely to go. Happy to show you around the 6

    Hope that helps you mate. Derision is yours, obviously I/members would want you to get the car!!

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    PP, Hi. I have a 2005 model and it has the original clutch which I like. It is nice and direct (not "grabby") but doesn't tolerate fools. In my view, only people nannied by auto's or who never really learned to drive a manual should be expected to have an issue with it initially. I've never stalled inadvertently through clutch-related issues. It does smooth out over time and at 45,000km I feel it almost the same as my 80 Series Landcruiser clutch, which has excellent feel.

    Some folks have had diff and engine mount issues but I have had none. I don't know how much power they are feeding in from standstill, and I suspect that is where some of the problem is stemming from. Treat the clutch well, don't dump it on take-off, but roll it in 1st and wait until you have some pace before feeding it the horses in 2nd or 3rd. It isn't a light car and the diff mounts and transmission will thank you for it.

    Unless you are on an oily slick surface or driving insanely, you won't get wheel-spin in the MPS6, so don't try. In the wet it just points and goes, regardless of whether the helm is pointed straight ahead or on a turn, it will head where it is pointed. It's not worth playing with the DSC. Leave it engaged unless you are bogged in snow or mud - that's why the switch is there. You can't switch programs. It's either on or off for the reason I just mentioned.

    BTW, I looked at BMW's and prefer the build quality of the Mazda. Bimmers trade on the badge. The MPS6 will out-handle an "equivalent" Bimmer any day of the week, is more reliable and costs a fraction of BMW costs to service. Don't believe all the BMW marketing crap about "RWD being better", just so they can position themselves ahead of the mass of FWD cars. Remember when FWD came out it (by Citroen), it was touted as being the best thing to happen to cars? It's even more popular now because it negates the propeller shaft and rear diff and related mounts and drive shafts and hence saves a lot of weight and also allows a flatter floor and more compactness, while transverse engines allow reduced bonnet length and height for reduced weight, shorter car and better airflow, and modern electronics and torque sensing diffs have eliminated most torque steer issues - refer MPS3. AWD is better. And on track days, I get around corners faster than the MPS3 if both cars are stock.

    Both cars respond well to bolt-on tweaks, as long as you don't want to go insane with power, which will take more thought and cost. Mine looks totally stock if you don't see the FMIC lurking, well-camouflaged, behind the grill, and is tweaked almost "enough" for me and is more tractable than stock, easily driveable around town in traffic, but goes like a a stung cat when the throttle is goosed and is in danger of running over that which one intends to pass if enough attention isn't paid. I might tighten up the suspension and/or mounts a bit to improve handling but I still view the handling as better than most cars around now, don't spend much time on tracks and I want to retain a pretty smooth ride as I want a good high-performance tourer, which is what the car was designed for, not circuits.

    The car responds very well to removing the awful awful awful OEM RE050 Potenza Bridgestone tyres which are noisy on chip surfaces, wear abysmally (I got about 32,000km out of mine, but other report much less, down to about 16,000km!), and tram-line like they were welded to steel tracks set in the road where you don't want them, and are twitchy in the wet. I'll buy my Sumi's again, if they ever wear out, which doesn't look like being anytime soon. I'm sure there are other good alternatives out there too.

    Refer also

    Disclaimer: others will have different views from me on some of the above. That's life and personal experience for you!
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    Pistol Pete

    I've got an Oct 06 build and aside from a few diff issues I have had 65000km and almost 4 years of very enjoyable motoring with my MPS 6.

    Doug and Rogwick have covered off pretty much everything you need to know

    Enjoy the forums and good hunting for your MPS

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    Welcome Pistol Pete, great choice in car you have made and hope you have good luck finding a nice one

    I have a Dec 2005 model and like others above had said it doesnt play MP3's but thats why I brought an ipod adapter which is connected through glove box to the back of the stereo.

    There are niggly problems that have come up with the car but not everyone gets them, I personally havent had most of the 'known listed' problems which arent huge issues in themselves anyhow.

    After 3 years of owning my MPS6 I still love it to bits, turn around and look at it proudly after parking her and cant see a car in the forseeable future I would trade her in for.

    You will loove it like the rest of us do, and you have a great bunch fellow OZMPS members over there in WA to make you feel welcome and help you out with anything you might need help with .... and so so many MPS6 buddies to go cruising with too
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    hi pete welcome to the forum

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    Finally the beast is mine...

    She is white 06 with low kms, leather and in fantastic condition stock as a rock which is what I wanted.
    I'm soooooooooooo stoked.
    Went for a coastal curiz last night with the wife and it is very nice to drive.

    Thanks for the response to my questions folks I appreciate it.

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    Thats fantastic, post up some pics and welcome You WA guys have a cruise planned soon you should join them ... will be loads of MPS6's from the sounds of it ... mmm MPS6 ... so so sexy

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    Hi Pete, Good to hear that your enjoying the car

    There is a WA cruise coming up on the 31-07-10. If you dont have plans you should come a long. Details below

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    jeez, ANOTHER 6MPS in WA?
    does anyone actually own a 3MPS over there?
    congrats on your new ride, glad to hear your first drive was a positive experience
    and, of course, to the forums

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