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Thread: Hi all - Greetings and some advise

  1. Default Hi all - Greetings and some advise

    Hey all,
    Just wanted to say hi and also ask for some advise..
    My current ride is a Focus XR5 and well now we have a bub on the way we need a bigger car, so the decision has been made - Give the xr5 to her and i can get a 6 MPS..
    Just after a bit of advice
    1. Whats the main differences between the luxury and standard ones? I know the luxury has the Bose system and leather but what else does it have?
    2. I have looked around and only found one post about this but can the MPS's have a towbar and if you guys know of any place that has installed on in Sydney?
    3. If i were to say get a non luxury pack what upgrades can be done on the factory HU? can the 6's have an aftermarket HU?

    Also if anyone knows of any ones for sale in graphite please let me know

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    Xenon head lights, power drivers seat...yes you can get a towbar but I had to get mine in Canberra for about $1200- a custom job...was well worth it though and it is a perfect install- can not even see it without the tongue on...but ohhh so much money...HU is the same, just has a bose amp and speakers- it is good, but not even close to being great...

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    Forgot to add it is an awesome, and very classy car.
    Nuliaj: Hatches are only really half a car anyway.
    shinslinger66: And you forgot to add that they are also a girls car!

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    the pov pack also has the Xenon head lights ... so difference between the two
    • sun roof
    • leather
    • electric driver seat positions
    • bose stereo

    Ive got a tow bar fitted on mine too (same place as shinslinger great job you dont even notice it as he said.

    Not sure about headunit, mines still the stock pov one.

    Great car, I still love mine to bits after 3 years, you wouldnt be dissapointed and there are some great buys on some nice looking well maintained ones.

    Graphite/grey ... some say thats the best colour
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    Welcome mate.

    My understanding from my stereo installer is that the BOSE system is integrated and you will need to replace basically everything if you want to change the huead unit.

    I love my 6MPS. I hope to stick to the plan and get one. Good luck.

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    Thanks Guys
    Yeah i thought that was the only differences between the 2..
    now just gotta try and find a nice decent one. Preferably in graphite/gray coz thats the colour my Mrs likes...
    Always have liked the 6 MPS, preferred it to the 3 (too much torque steer on the 3 MPS and when i bought my xr5 i actually had my heart set on one) but the only downer before was that i required a car that could lug a heap of gear if needed (i.e hatch or wagon) and mazda didnt come to the plate with an 6 MPS hatch. I think it would have sold like hotcakes!
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    I still love my 2005 MPS 6 - it's been a great car and still is. There are a few like mine 30,000 kilometres around but very rare. Mine has sunroof as well as stereo and leather.

    HU kits are available - I got a rough quote while on holidays in Geelong for the fitting kit.

    My MPS6 is so good I may be buried in it - it will definitely be the longest time I have ever owned a car - drove bd581 MPS 3 the other day - I'll definitely stick with the 6. He turned off the power (boost?) limiter for low gears - almost undriveable - crazy power.

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    There was an 2006 MPS here in Cairns with 31,800kms on it advertised in the weekend paper. He only wanted $25,500 for it. I still have the paper if anyone wants the number

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    thats a bargain .. what colour ?

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    Good hunting for your MPS 6 andymarc and

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    welcome to the mazda ranks andy

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    Nissanman has one for sale, from memory I think is silver or grey, cant see the pics from here at work ... check out the for sale section its a good buy with low kms on it

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    yeah saw that one..
    Looks good..
    Pity its in SA though, Mind you might be moving there in the next month anyway. The Mrs was originally from there and is having issues finding work here.

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    SA to NSW is a good drive though

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackbetty View Post
    SA to NSW is a good drive though
    Stop pestering the man

    Welcome mate and if you do want to come check the car out if your SA anytime soon, just let me know


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