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Thread: Happy new owner

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    Hi everyone!
    I took ownership of my Liquid Silver 06 6 MPS on 30 December last year - it continues to impress me with its awesomeness everyday!!

    I'm after some opinions on use of E10 fuel - will also post this under general discussions!

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    I dont think you should use E10 fuel, stick to 98 and your car will run so much better and actually be more economical

    btw welcome and congrats on the purchase of a fine car, post some pics and hopefully we will see you on a cruise some day

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    mpsfan7, congrats on your purchase of your MPS 6, great car they are

    I'm not sure about E10 as the octane levels are a little low and can be harmful in our DISI motors. There's a thread here regarding fuel, I can't remember if there was an Ethanol discussion or not, but post your queries there and am sure a number of our fuel gurus will be able to help!

    As BB said 98 is the best choice and I've found BP to give me the best performance.
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    hey welcome to the forum

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    Welcome mpsfan7....Wouldn't even dream about putting E10 in my car it kills me to put 95 in it like 3 weeks ago going down to Bathurst 20 k short and needed a top up of $20 to get me there and fill up straight away with 98 to mix it quickly

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