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Thread: New MPS - have some questions

  1. Default New MPS - have some questions

    Damm I purchased an MPS

    Never owned a sports or performance car

    Cars I have owned

    Mitsubishi CC lancer 1.5
    Holden Astra 1.5
    Holden Vectra 3.2 V6

    My wife decided she was sick of her Ford Festiva & wanted a Honda Integra Type S

    I enjoyed driving that car so much - I decided (& the car was almost dead) It was time to upgrade the famly car.

    Wanted the Sports car feel with 4 doors. Took a WRX for a test drive (nice) but every man & his dog has one. Insurance was $$$ & it didn't really grab me the way the MPS did.

    Anyway I eneded up with a 2009 MPS (red) the car is awesome & I have almost figured it out.

    I just can't get my Iphone to work with the bluetooth system. I have lost the audio manual

    Anyone got some quick & easy steps to sync the two of them.

    I also can't figure out how to set the automatic seat adjustment to each key?

    People have told me I shoud rotate the tyres every 5000km is this true?

    Any other hints & tips for some one that has never owned a turbo car?

    Cheers Dave

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    Dave and congratulations on the new MPS

    Sorry but can't help with the technical questions, though there are plenty of Gen II MPS 3 owners here, tyres I do mine every 10,000, however with the 3 being front drive you may find your fronts wear quicker and a 5,000km rotation may make your tyres last longer!

    Also have a look at some of the Tech forums you may find some answers there, try a search and if you can't find anything post your questions in a new thread in the relevent forum

    MPS Modification Discussion

    R36 - Just like an MPS6 except with a growly V6

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    On the Iphone ensure the bluetooth is on and can search. In the car go to the phone buttons on the steering wheel. Press the top left button (the button which you use to call stored numbers)

    Say "pair phone" and the voice should direct you what to do.

    I have not worked out how to transfer the seat position to your key. I was shown but I have forgot.

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    From memory, once you have the seat position set, hold the Set + the number you wish to lock into. This sets the seat position to the preferred number. Once this is done with the ignition "on", hold down the Set + "seat number" then press the Unlock on the preferred key.

    To check it has worked, turn ignition off, adjust the seat, close the door and lock the car. Then unlock and the seat should move.


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    Welcome to the forum Dave. Enjoy your new ride!

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    Welcome and enjoy!!

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    welcome to the forum. glad u enjoy the mps

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    Welcome Dave.... Due a google search for the manual your looking for....

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