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    Hi there guys n girls,

    I'm new to this forum and new to MPS.

    I've have always had my heart set on a WRX, but was strongly recommended to check out the MPS and I was very impressed!!!

    I can't really justify (afford actually) buying a brand new MPS (house mortgage to pay); but would prefer to buy a new generation model (i.e. the BL series), so I will have to wait a bit. Is it reasonable to expect in 12 months (end of 2010) I could get a well serviced/looked after 2009 BL series for low $30's? Also a few general questions;

    1. What are the service costs like? And would it have to be serviced every 5,000kms to be kept under warranty? Or 10,000kms?

    2. As quoted, the insurance is MORE expensive than the WRX for current models. What should I make of this??? I will need to drive the car for everyday use, parking in train station car parks etc; could the MPS become the new "ram and raid" vehicles older WRX's are? How difficult are the MPS's to be stolen? The reality indicates more easily than the WRX.

    Thanks for your time and I'm enjoying checking out this forum. Regards.

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    yes, if you hunt around enough and will probably have to settle for the standard model not the luxury.

    not sure on costs, but oil should be done ever 10k i believe.

    im in the process of buying a 1st gen MPS and insurance for me (22y.o) is HALF what it would be for a similar priced and specd WRX so i would be shopping around a bit more on that one mate..

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    Welcome bravoaussie! I'd expect that after 12 months you'd probably see some standard pack MPS 3 Gen II's for around $30K, not sure about the Sport Pack, also MPS3's tend to hold their value well! Mazda recommend 10,000km intervals for their service and average cost is around $300 (some lower, some higher - the major services can be $500+)

    Haven't heard of any MPS's being stolen, bits from them yes, but actual cars no, anyone else hear of this I'm also assuming that the new keyless start/entry system is pretty secure and only a real pro would follow you around with the signal reader, and if they were going to do this, then am sure they would probably try and flog something more expensive!

    Anyway mate, enjoy the forums and good hunting for your MPS, also Aug/Sep 09 was when the Gen II was released
    R36 - Just like an MPS6 except with a growly V6

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    Cool Mps rehab for turbo junkies u can checkout but u can never leave!!!!

    To OZMPSClub buy one you won't regret it my insurance is $530 a year agreed value .


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    Hey yeah thanks for the replies.

    Insurance, I got quotes from NRMA and a few others, like AAMI, and I found MPS more expensive to insure than WRX, that is for 2010 models. $1400 vs $1200 for standard excess, 25yrs male, I do live in a poorly rating suburb though!!!

    KPMCS- who are u insured with?


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    its $200 difference, not much really ... which car do u prefer ?

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    welcome to the forum !!!

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