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Thread: New Member ACT ( placing an order for an MPS)

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    Red RX-8?s

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jono View Post
    Another Gen2, welcome to the club. Hope your enjoying the new ride.

    I believe both dealers are owned by the same company, however I found they were not interested in talking the numbers I got in Sydney.
    That's what I found when I bought my last Mazda. The bottom line is that if they don't show me the love I simply will just buy one in Sydney or Melbourne.... If one dealer can do it for a price then another should be able to match it or at very least go close...

    I know the guys in Belco pretty well, I work just down the road. As I said, I bought my last car from them ( I over paid ) so if they want my business they will have to come to the party.

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    PS. Saw a red Gen 2 yesterday..... geez it looked good

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