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Thread: Considering getting a GEN2 MPS3

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    welcome and enjoy

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    Definately buy one. I searched for ages for a new car and wasn't really constrained by budget. I have had two SS's (VU and VZ) and I loved them to death and they are deadly cars as well, but the Gen 2 MPS 3 is just so much fun. And so well equiped.

    Like the guys on the freeway witnessed today, I can be driving at normal pace in front of them and then the next minute they look they won't even be able to spot me!

    Also compared to GTi, Audi S3, Mini Cooper S Works, SS Sedan and WRX, and after every test drive I kept coming back to the 3 MPS.

    Love them, so much fun.

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    Thanks all for their comments.

    We have shortlisted to 3MPS and XR5; it's all waiting on selling the SS

    It seems that there is a 'large' price difference at the moment as there is '09 XR5 stock out there. We have been quoted $35k for the XR5, compared with $42k for the standard 3MPS.

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    I'm a female MPS driver. I've had mine since December 09, it's my everyday car and I love it to bits!!

    The torque steer took a little getting used to coming from a rather plain but reliable Mazda 323 Astina. I had no real issues with it after the first time it grabbed and am absolutely in love with that instant reaction when you put your foot down!!

    I found the gear stick a little stiff at first but was over that after the first week. I drove my flatmates 2004 Mazda 3 Maxx Sport on the weekend and the gear stick felt like it was over by the passenger side door! The MPS is definitely built for the comfort of the driver with everything close by.
    I think your wife would really enjoy the ride the Mazda gives

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