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Thread: Heya.

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    Default Heya.

    Ok, my names Jason, im 25yo, drive a 08 MPS3 sport, only purchased last month and 4000kms ago (I drive 120-150ks per day to work...) What can i say,lovin the car thats for sure, made the right decision on this over the Golf GTI fo sho. Such a fun car to drive and def has big potential.Prev cars were pretty much all Rota's, apart from a pretty off tap AE82 corolla with a turb
    4agze an up to about 2 months ago a VY SS manual that made way for my current car thanks to a tree...

    Im a retail Manager, enjoy photography (my other expensive hobby) and also starting an online perf parts store

    If anyone needs any parts let me know, have access to most things on the market and im not out to empty your wallets like some, just another enthusiest looking to help out others aswell as helping me mod my own car.

    Anyway, enjoy the forum, looks the goods!


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    Welcome Jason,

    How do you find the 3 compares to the SS?


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    Soooo much more fun to drive, used to have to be carefull with the SS due to its tail happy nature (which is why it ended up wrapped round a tree..) It went hard for a NA with minimal mods & 340rwhp but was too big and heavy. I orig brought it to tow my drag car i was building, isnt that what their built for anyway...?

    The 3 would have to be one of the best cars i have driven (in stock form), nice power, good handling, great looks and in the sports an awasome interior!!

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    Hey racebitz - welcome to the forum!

    Glad you enjoy your car! Although if you didn't, you wouldn't be here

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