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Thread: Mazda 6 MPS

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    Wow that's a heck of a good deal, yes a dealer over here has 1 for 28k for 44000kms
    and refuses to let it go for anything less and it's got 44000ks:/ well I've actually been looking at multiple cars since last October so getting a little impatient but having a loook at a grey 1 pov pak
    with 44000ks to hopefully get away with 23k
    these cars really sound like the best bfyb cars around that price.

    Lol well that's true p platers are always more likely
    to crash, for many reasons. The main one I think would be to show off and are way to confident
    about there skills and I assure you im not over
    confident in my driving, also I plan to take an advanced driving course

    Haha um well nt exactly big, but suppose the gym would has filled out my lats a bit so hopefully should be okay although I have to say white is my fav colour on the mps

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    Welcome aboard

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    Park Ford has a red MPS6 for around $26k I think with about 44000 k on it. Looks stock but don't know what the service history is.

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    I think it does pay to haggle a bit. Don't make out you REALLY want the car and stick to your guns. I bought a 6MPS leather pack in Adelaide last June for $24.5 with 60K on it and drove it back to Perth. It was advertised for $27.

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    hey watto i think that was john hughes but yeah they didnt let it go for less then 28 but if it was actually 26k im devastated

    anyway i bought and have my MPS3 now a black one 06 povo pak with 31thousand ks got it for 24k nt the best price but happy with it and now ive gt my car theres less things i need to think about and well back to puttin my head down to my studies=)

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    Congrats Matto! and $24K is good, low kms for an 06 too! Enjoy your MPS

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    thanks shakes will deffs see you in the cruises when i get my license ahha

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