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Thread: peformance

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    Don't really deal with anyone specifically. I don't get my car serviced there, just had a few minor warranty issues sorted in September 09.
    I only really drive my baby on the weekends as i have a company vehicle till end of Jan. but, yeah I live in the Gungahlin area & travell down south most weekends. I've had my wheels powder coated in a Pearl-Storm colour. So it should be quite noticeable. Not many around with coulouerd wheels.

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    Got you PM and sent you a reply yesterday. Must of pressed the wrong button or something coz it didn't go through . So i've sent you another one

    Quote Originally Posted by Hama3 View Post
    Thanks for your conservatism......

    I was seriously looking @ forking out for DBA 4000 Rotors. Might still do it & keep the OEM for spares........

    must say all my dealings with Belconnen mazda have been reasonable. Anyways, we'll see what happens tommorrow. I'll keep you informed.

    By the way Disims3 did you get my PM re the SRI?
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    Excellent Smithers.............

    Well looks like mazda has come to the party somewhat......

    They are machining the discs as they have said it is within the allowed tollerances. The water pump is being replaced , the rear sway bar had been re-torqued & they have inspected the rear engine mounts. This seems to be all good. So I guess i had a win.........
    Just wondering how long it will take before i need to replace the rotors under my driving conditions.....hehehe.

    You have to try & squeeze everything you can out of new car warranty

    After that you're on your own

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    I've got 2 months warranty left. Gonna have every inch checked over before it expires you betcha.

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    My bad, lol thats what your username looks like at first glance. .

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