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Thread: New MPS 6 owner (after MPS6 stock rims)

  1. Question New MPS 6 owner (after MPS6 stock rims)

    hi all,

    im new here and to be 100% honest i only joined to find a set of mazda6 MPS rims,

    My brother just bought a 07 mps 6 and the car came with after market rims and he likes the looks of the standard rims,
    so i offered to help find some and since im a member of a few car forums and know how helpful some people can be on forums i joined here!

    Also moderators i hope its okay sking for help on my first post

    anyways if anyone has a set for sale or can point me in the right direction to find a set it would br very much appreciated


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    i may have some for sale..

    All the wheels have some gutter rash and tyres are all about 90%+ condition..

    If i get the right offer i might just sell em

    what state do u live in?


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    hi there marious,

    Im in Melbourne too, taylors lakes

    i saw a set of just rims sell on ebay a few weeks ago which we missed out on sell for $380 but yours has tyres so what price were you after?

    also just to throw it out there the car currently has aftermarket 18'' rims with near new tyre which im willing to sell or part trade

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    Gday mate.

    Any pics of these rims you may want to get rid of?


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    hey steven. welcome to the forum. hope u find some rims

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    Hi Steve I hope we can help and get ur brother to join up

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    Steven, good luck with the rims, there are occasional ebay sales that pop up and some members here tend to post theirs

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    Only here to buy rims

    Enjoy your stay....and I hope to continue to browse this wonderful forum

    Happy Motoring

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