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Thread: Howdy All

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    Howdy all

    The Mrs and I are consdering a brand new Mazda 3 MPS Luxury in Metallic grey

    It will be modified as i cant drive standard cars lol
    -Front mount
    -Exhaust (turbo back)
    -tasty wheels with aggressive offset
    Then maybe
    -bigger turbo
    -fuel pump
    -Handling goodies

    We currently drive a 2007 Mitsu Lancer VRX

    Current mods are G4 coilovers, wedsport Farmas 17x8 +36, powdercoated black, K&N panel filter

    Just doing some research on the MPS before i outlay 45 big ones
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    Welcome and good luck in you quest for your MPS

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    Howdy and off u go and zoom into ur nearest dealer....good luck

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    welcome man. sounds like u got some mods already on the cards. good luck on your quest and welcome!!!

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    Welcome Bryce, not really to much to think about just do it the best $45,000 you will ever spend .............. Are you from Brisbane...........

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    Quote Originally Posted by 240MPS View Post
    Welcome Bryce, not really to much to think about just do it the best $45,000 you will ever spend .............. Are you from Brisbane...........
    Sure am mate, cannon hill to be exact

    another bonus about the MPS, its a wagon, seeing as though we have a family (GF, our 1yr old son, and I) the extra space would never go to waste.

    Pretty much all im after is something Quick, Larger than what we have now, stylish, moderate longtern costs, decent resale

    Seriously considering a new MPS, just working out my finances and see how it will all work out

    How ever i am still yet to take one for a test drive, all depends how i like it (sure i will love it though)
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    Go and see the guys at Grand Prix at Aspley the man to see is Kal mention me ( Rino ) I got a good deal with all my extra's including the exhaust and ECU chip done all before delivery.... The guys use Allstar Tuning who look after the the MPS3 race car which helps with warranty issues. Seeing that you like to do things with your cars but we can talk more of that later......

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    The more i look at photos and looking at specs and stuff of them the more i find myself wanting one.

    the spec list is loaded with fancy and pratical stuff.

    Whats this ECU CHip that you are talking about?
    What kind of exhaust did they fit for you? the one i had in mind for one would be a 3" straight through turbo back

    found the one:
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    Bryce and good hunting for your MPS

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    Howdy Bryce, welcome to OzMPS.

    Damn, is that Lancer of yours slammed or what! Looks low, I'll bet you couldn't roll a can of coke under it!!

    Definitely do yourself a favour and test drive the MPS. If you love the VRX, you'll LLLLLOVE the juicy taste of turbo MPS goodness. All it takes is one little nibble and you'll soon be chewing off your arm for more, that's for sure.

    Good luck in your quest for next beasty and look forward to hearing all about it.


    "light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appear brighter....until they speak"

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    Not a fan of the lancer....well yours is the better shape.

    Once you drive a will think....WHAT LANCER????

    Happy Motoring

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    ignore duglet!! and welcome!!

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