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Thread: Howdy All

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    Yeah pretty keen to get a stocko one. Went back for another look at the red one tonight. Noticed the clutch clunks sometimes when you let it right out, is that normal? like when it hits the end of its travel.

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    Jimboomba (Bris South)


    Welcome aboard .. enjoy your stay !

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    Put a holding deposit on today

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    you will have it in time for our xmas catch up

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    Nice ...cant wait to see it

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    welcome and good luck!!

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    Did you get the wheels sorted?

    If not, I'd buy 18x 7.5 and put 225 45's on it immediately.

    Will make the speedo more accurate, better grip and better performance if you get a nice light weight alloy.

    And congrats.

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    Howdy Nath, welcome to OzMPS.

    So.......when do you get it, when do you get it.....huh, huh!!!?

    Sounds nice! Hope they're looking after you. Don't forget to post some pics when you finally get your car.


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    Did you deal with Matt/Mathew? As I went to school with him and took the new 3 for a test drive with him

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    When do you pick up your toy Nath ? Lynchy wont need me to go driving with him anymore now he has another half MPS to play with

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    Yeah when you get it?

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    Sitting quietly in the garage. Picked it up yesterday with the factory shadow chromes (remoteGT's old rims) fitted. Few teething issues regarding a few things with the dealer, but all sorted and happy now.
    Still trying to find a comfortable seating position, the pulsar was like driving a kart, but now I actually have to drive properly. Rev range is alot different too, and the 1st/2nd boost limiting takes abit to get used to, as does an electronic throttle.
    Really ammused by the R2D2 style headlight washers and need to do something with the factory sub as the trebble is giving my ears a good workover. They should have done with the rear door speakers and gone for true rears I think, up higher.

    Best thing about the car.. picking up third and gently squeezing the throttle, i think mazda have done a great job with managing the turbo size to the engine for torque delivery. My old 180 used to snap my neck off, and the liberty RS was similar to the MPS, but just a smidge too much lag.

    Worst thing about the car.. I need one of those Jap poles they put on the front left to see where the front of the car is, the shape of the bonnet is decieving and will take some time to get used to how close I can go.

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    So glad you got it I feel all excited for you

    Everything sounds like it worked out well Awesome

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    Sounds good mate im sure you'll get used to it!

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