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Thread: Potential MPS 3 owner

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    Default Potential MPS 3 owner

    Hi guys.

    Thought I'd join this forum to check things out as I'm thinking of purchasing a BK2 MPS 3. I've done some research on these already and came up with a few pros and cons.

    I like the amount of power and torque these things produce and the fact that they're turboed, the interior looks the goods. But what I don't like is it's FWD (should really be AWD). The exterior looks somewhat too plain, looks too similar to an SP23. Needs more aggressive styling to set apart from the SP23.

    But in general I do like the car though

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    If you want some to set you apart from the other 3 models...

    Try the new BL 3MPS (Gen 2)

    Happy Motoring

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    Haha they're out of my budget, still need to get used to the look of them.

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    Looks different and its AWD!

    Welcome regardless of what you buy!
    Hopefully see you about and on some cruises (where are you from?)



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    Welcome ... good luck in your search for a car go the MPS6

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    Howdy mate,

    I can't speak for the earlier style MPS3 but I would question your need for 4WD. I've just purchased the latest MPS after trying out the latest crop of machinery in this price bracket.

    If you've never owned a 4WD car, you will find that they need to be driven differently to get the best out of them. I remember when I bought my first (1990 KF Laser TX3 Turbo 4WD) and took it for a spin on some familiar roads. I thought that I had reached the cornering limits by the feel I was getting from it. But when I looked down at the speedo, I was suprised how slow I was actually going compared to my old car. I knew this would corner better than my old Celica, so I just cringed and went beyond what felt comftable and it just stuck.....and stuck....and stuck! The ability to be able to control the car's attitude mid corner with the throttle alone is exhilarating.

    Having said that, a front wheel drive riding on a good chassis will corner just as well, just as quickly but needs to be driven differently to get the best out of it. They fight you all the way but that's the real difference.

    On a racetrack, the 4WD has incredible drive out of tight corners which leave high powered FWD's wanting, but in day to day driving on the street, there's virtually nothing in it.

    4WD = clinically quick, easier to drive fast
    FWD = mad, crazy, fun, fast

    I drove the new Ralliart and the new WRX and they feel "fast" but the MPS feels "fast and alive" in comparison. When you sink the boot, sure they'll kick, twich and squirm (more so in the earlier version I hear) but getting the best out of it feels much more rewarding.

    At least for me, it was.

    I bought my R33 Skyline with the intention of taking it out on track days and having a fang around. But in reality, I haven't been once in 4 1/2 years because I never had time!!

    If you want to win on a racetrack, get a WRX or an EVO. If you want a fantastic road car in a beautifully turned out package that will also put a big grin on your face on a country road or on a track day, get the MPS.

    Good luck with your decision, I know how hard it is with all of the choices around.

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    i like the styling of the BK MPS3.. i dont see nothing wrong with it, apart from maybe some wider wheels/tyres perhaps...

    a keen eye would spot the wheels, different rear spoiler and the hump on the bonnet which i reckon looks tops!

    good luck with your search tho

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    hey welcome!!! take one out for a spin and u will b sold

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    welcome aboard and good luck with finding a MPS

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    Just a little update for those interested. I ended up buying one of these babies last week. It's an 07 'Sports' model in true red. I'll try get some pictures in the member's section later on

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    congrats and welcome to the team red ... wherever they may be

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    Glad to hear picsorban

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    Congratz on your purchase mate, hope you're lovin' it

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