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Thread: Another BL MPS!!

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    hey guys, i been too busy driving around to really get on here to reply.

    To rfzd: i got it for 42 with rear parking sensors, i pod connection, floor mats and headlight protectors drive away, which i think is an exceptional price.

    1350 kays in and she is nice and settled, i been getting around 8.5l/100km combined cycle sort of driving with little squirts here and there so very happy with the fuel consumption.

    If anyone is looking for a tint job in north brisbane hit up instant tinting in geebung, they did an excellent legal tint job on my car for a VERY low price, try $250 which is a bargain.

    I have only one issue at the moment and that is that at about 600 km the car started making a funny sound but the mechanic ensures me that its the solenoids on the injectors ???? :S,

    If anyone with a new MPS has a sounds clip of thier engine running that would be really helpful to compare to what i am hearing but she still drives fine and goes hard when i need it.

    And i think that even though the new car looks more agressive, people STILL don't know what it is or why it goes so fast, still a bit of a sleeper in my eyes. But the Toowoomba police have a red one in their fleet so look out for it on the range!

    Peace out

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    Howdy MPShiv, a big welcome to the forums and great to have you along for the ride.

    It's a nice feeling, eh.....checking out all the cool cars then finding one that picks YOU! With my purchase, I really wanted to tick ALL of the boxes or as many as possible. Damn, the MPS ticked the boxes alright and then some. I still feel as silly about it now as I did the day I drove out the showroom.

    Bugger, you HAD to get a black one didn't you!! I can hear them chanting on the forums already.....yeah yeah OK alright already "Team Black" reigns supreme.....I give up (but I still love my blue beasty).


    "light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appear brighter....until they speak"

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