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Thread: Hi, new 3 MPS.

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    Did a big long run today from Newcastle to Port Macquarie. Fuel economy is brilliant for a car like this!! 7.1L/100km

    But found a problem when descending down a long hill. the cruise control kept dropping out...will have to follow up with dealer next week

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    great to hear ur loving your new toy .. hopefully we catch up wiyh u on a nth cruise sometime

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    Damn, i wish i could get fuel consumption like yours!
    im averaging 13.5L with 50/50 city freeway driving!

    Welcome!and nice choice of color!!

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    i got 7.05L/100km on my old <104000kms> on the clock 3MPS

    From Sydney to Tenterfield via Gosford on thursday....768kms from a tank

    Glad your enjoying it....they are very fuel eff cars if you drive them nice

    Happy Motoring

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    Hi there..welcome

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    Drove it in the wet today for the first time...

    What a package very very impressed by this car in the wet. After hearing all the jibe about how torque steer is an issue...pfft!....whatever

    Really understand how the tech in this car works when it wet out there. Just let the tech do its thing and all is ok no need to fear.

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    Hiya holotropik,

    Sorry I hadn't seen your thread sooner. It seems a little strange wecoming you when you have been here longer than me but welcome nevertheless!

    I thoroughly enjoyed your descriptive insight into the new MPS3. I too like to describe what I'm "feeling" rather than simply comparing facts and specifications. For example, it's like the torque you described. Compare the figures with other similar performance cars and nothing really stands out, but when you drive it and "feel" the way the MZR "delivers" the torque and how thrilling it's a revelation!

    I reckon this new generation MPS3 is like Mazda's dirty little secret. At first glace through the showroom window, I wondered whether this is what first generation MPS would have been like if the designer were on a mixture of Crack Coccaine and LSD!! On one hand, the design is bizzare, loud and boyish, yet remarkably, it manages to be utterly subtle, sublime and sophisticated at the same time. I can completely understand why so many are conflicted and confronted by the design. I didn't "get it" to start with either.

    It took two days and a night drive for me to fall in love with the shape. I was astounded at how certain lighting conditions or certain angles almost transform the shape. You start to see lines and shapes that you never really noticed before and the true subtle beauty and sophistication of its design starts to become apparent. Hopefully some of the night shots I took recently (like my signature) help some people "see" what I'm on about. Even though design may not appeal to everyone, I wonder just how many owners thought it was "love at first sight"? It certainly wasn't the case for me but I've never before had a car grow on me in the way that this MPS has.

    Awww crap.....sorry, I'm starting to ramble on again, but at least no one can accuse me of not being passionate!!

    Cheers and have a great weekend

    "light travels faster than sound, that is why some people appear brighter....until they speak"

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