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Thread: Scratched/Dented now real MPSMad!!!!

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    Angry Scratched/Dented now real MPSMad!!!!

    Hi Folks,
    I dented my MPS3 today!!!!!!!!! Reversed into a bloody steel box and scratched and dented the RHS rear door. Damn, bloody moron!
    I'll post a photo tommorrow. So pissed off.
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    Bad luck mad...and its worse when u do it urself...

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    If it makes you feel any better, I have also scratched my RX8 - and I've had it for less than a fortnight! I have an awful carpark at work (which is why I need reverse parking sensors), and it would seem I have lightly scratched above the rear left wheel trying to get in to the carpark. Not happy. I'm hoping it will polish out.

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    i recently had some f*** wit open his door into my door. it's such a s** feeling...

    luckily he gave me some cash and i got the mobile dent repair guy out to my place. 20 min later brand new door.

    hope yours gets sorted easliy enough

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    Sorry to hear that sucks so bad

    Touch wood it will be an easy fix!

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    Mate, I feel your pain, in some ways it's worse when you do it yourself

    You got any good panel guys in Karratha?

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