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    Hi all,

    New to Oz MPS club ! Had my stock MPS for nearly 2 yrs and still puts a smile on my face everytime I drive it !

    Just a question regarding new tyres as mine are due for replacement, Is the high cost of replacing them with the same potenzas the reason most of you put something elso on ?
    I had to replace 2 a year ago due to 2 big bolts within a day ! but they are bald now (they are yokohamas and cost $350 each but turned out to be false economy!) and the other 2 are still original potenzas (38000 km so far) and are still ok but I'm replacing all 4 anyway ... so I figured its better to invest in the tyres recommended by mazda cos they have lasted so well.
    I was quoted $420 each installed by bridgestone .

    Sorry for long post but would appreciate advice!


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    Hey mate, Welcome to the forums.

    I will have a look into pricing, and what sort of tyres are the best for you. Just so you know what you are looking at.

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    Nevermind Guest


    nearly 1700 bucks for 4 tyres, damn!

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