Hi All

Made an impulse decision the other day to get a pretty ruffed up 05 mazda 6 mps had a few mods so thats y i got it bodys ruff as but im not concerned about how it looks just yet.

the mods list i got with the car is
cobb accessport
auto tech hpfp
500hp rear driveshafts
corksports rear diff mount
corksports rear engine mount and brace
htp 3.5 ince intake
juggernaut front diff mount and brace
act 6 puk clutch kit with pro light single mass flywheel
hdi gt front mount
3.5 bar map sensor
bc racing coilovers
jbr short shift kit
cork sports turbo back exhaust
damons motorsport egr delete
jbr 3 port ebcs
vvt kit done
cork sports cam shaft
damons stage 1 catch can
cork sports injecter seals
and i dyno sheets with 299kw for all the mods stated.

the owner didnt know much about the car so i took it on a whyme

Ive checked the codes on the accessport and come up with code p0300 and p0443
i cleared the codes and took it for a drive and the havent returned as of yet

got up this morning and got massive stain on my driveway i think oil and also the car stinks of i think oil or brake fluid (Brake fluid lid doesnt seem to lock tight when tightning thinking it may be spilling when driving hard??)

i want to service the car new plugs oil filters etc before i rego it (car came with rwc) but really want the codes and leaks sorted first as ill be using it as my daily however im not really sure what im looking at so was wondering if anyone in brissy could possibly help out with looking at it or even pointing me in a direction of a good mechanic

Im probly gona be on here alot till i get this car in better condition sorry for the novel but i need to suss this as fast as i can as im back to work soon

cheers for reading