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Thread: WTB: standard BL 3MPS coil springs

  1. Default WTB: standard BL 3MPS coil springs

    Hi guys, I realise this is in the incorrect section but I'm not an MPS owner and I don't have the post count to post in the buy and sell section and don't want to spam you with a bunch of rubbish posts just to increase my count, that would just be poor form anyway.

    I'm looking for standard BL 3MPS coil springs for my Frankenstein Focus XR5 . Located in Sydney

    I do own a Mazda, just not a performance version. It's an old 2001 Premacy for get to work duties
    Also great for the run lol.

    I guess a little snippet of background on the car. It's an old 2007 which I got new and done 347K in so far. Most mechanicals have been replaced at various points lol.
    Been playing with the car more lately and experimenting with suspension, don't want low but do want heavier spring rates, thus the BL coil enquiry here.

    The car is a complete Frankenstein.
    Quick list of major items.
    Focus RS engine and subframe (complete conversion including sensors etc and ABS module). Under bonnet looks pretty much RS.
    Various tweaks like actuator, plenum, injectors, ported compressor inlet and outlet and smoothed lower manifold.
    Mondeo gearbox (wide ratio set, taller 2nd and up) and Quaife helical diff and light SMF with stock RS clutch.
    Beefed up engine and box mounts plus aftermarket torque link.
    RS brake master cylinder & booster plus clutch master cylinder.
    Customised 3" TBE
    Mishimoto RS radiator, temporary stock RS intercooler which will be replaced with a huge Pumaspeed unit later.
    Focus ST250 front end conversion (suspension, hubs and brakes), Whiteline anti roll bar and combined XR5 - ST driveshafts to connect it up.
    RS fuel tank (higher capacity) and heat shields.
    ST250 rear end (suspension and subframe) conversion with RS rear hubs and brakes.
    Mondeo XR5 wheels with 235 x 40 x 18 Michelin PS4 tyres. Might go to Bridgestone RE003 245 x 40 x 18 next.
    Collins CP400 tuning (400Hp).

    There's lots of other tweaks to the old dog. All manner of things with bits in the interior etc. I will have skipped stuff, I've owned it so long, but being a Mazda forum I guess you're probably not into an XR5 anyway .
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