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Thread: Paint protection?

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    Hi guys,

    I have a 2006 MPS with only 40,000 km's on it (all with official Mazda receipts and complete logbooks). The previous owner said he had it in the garage all it's life and only used it as a weekender, which seemed plausible as the paintwork is quite simply immaculate other than 1 small scratch above the fuel door.

    The previous owner told me it had opticoat paint protection on it and i had to wash it differently than usual, but i am quite lost on where to start. Can anyone offer some help?

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    I have the same protection he probably meant like you should do with any car..Don't use a circular motion with your hand when washing. Go back and forth like your painting with the palm of your hand to avoid swirl marks on the paint or protection.

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    Sorted out your issue?

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    Opti-Coat provide a good guide on how to look after the paint.

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