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Thread: Hi from the UK

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    Default Hi from the UK

    Hi all,

    Just bought my 1st 6 MPS but with an engine issue.

    I've come from a 1996 Audi S6 so looking forward to some enjoyment in my drive once the motor is sorted.

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    Hello and welcome. Motor issues can be a bit daunting; hopefully they are relatively minor and/or not too much of a drain on your resources. Myself when my BK MPS3 reached 255000K I elected to do an engine swap rather than major maintenance. In hindsight I probably could have squeezed it out to 300000K before replacing or rebuilding because there wasn't anything catastrophic going on, just increased oil usage that comes with wear and tear.

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    Thank you, hopefully its just the valve timing out, as the previous owner replaced the chain kit and it was all down hill from there.
    I've it all stripped out, just waiting for new friction washers and find the torque settings from somewhere and then re assemble.

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