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    Hey all, bought a 6mps 2 weeks ago not running right. Bumper caught fire on the way home after buying it!! Can see in the photos (also on 3rd set of wheels in 2 weeks)

    its all fixed up now, nothing major done to car has cai and short shifter.
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    G'day and welcome! I've always wondered if the very close trim on the MPS6 exhaust was prone to damage from heat. Presuming it's stock exhaust I'd wonder if there was some trim missing or mis fitting to cause that. Good no lasting damage!

    Re: Wheels I see two sets of mazda wheels and one third party. Of the mazda wheels, I'd expect the RX-8 rims to be a good 8" size fit, the second set of later model mazda rims look great imo.

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    Aftermarket mufflers, was missfiring due to having 10L of oil in the motor so i think the mix of unburnt fuel, oil and heat in the cat was a great mix for flamethrowing!!

    The silver set of rims are series 2 rx8 wheels because the black ones were terrible. The white rims are off a series 2 GJ 6 that i got powder coated this week

    the car hadnt really been looked after particularly well, i had to replace the timing chain and vvt actuator on monday. Im slowly going thrugh it and replacing all the normal stuff for these cars.

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