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Thread: New MPS6 owner in WA!

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    I bought my '06 MPS6 just over a year ago and having a good time with her. Have been reading around the forums and have got a lot of useful information from here and think it's time to give something back. The car came with lowered springs and some aftermarket pedders shock absorbers and other than that was stock.
    Over the last 12 months or so have done a few mods:

    - Boost gauge
    - Rear engine mount
    - Cobb AP
    - Drive Shaft Shop Rear passenger side axle/driveshaft (original CV was gone)
    - HPFP internals
    - Cobb SRI
    - Cobb TIP
    - CP-e TMIC
    - CP-e catted DP (fun job!!)
    - lastly, stage 3 OTS cobb AP map.

    Now running ~17psi boost, peaking at around 18.5, and not noticing any knock or other obvious problems. Despite Cobb's requirements for the tune having a catback exhaust and DP, I've not noticed any issues aside from maybe running a bit rich at first.

    Have a few more things sitting at home I need to bolt on: Sure rear diff mounts, rear sway bar and bushings. Also have a set of colder gapped NGK iridium plugs (LTR7IX-11 plugs) that need to go in tonight before something goes pop! The cogs are already whirring about what to do with her next...

    Thanks to everyone posting for all the information here

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    Thanks, it's great to hear our library of MPS info is helpful.

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