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Thread: New member buying 2010 MPS BL

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    Hey ozMPS,

    Firstly, I have done a bit of a search around but haven't found anything really answering the question as well I'd like so here goes.

    I'm planning on buying my first MPS in the next week or two ( and was wondering if there are any specific things to look for when inspecting the car? I know about the general car stuff like blowing smoke, locked turns to check bearings and stuff but is there anything specific to look for? If there is a thread that answers this (I couldn't find it but I'm a forum pleb so there's that) please don't hesitate to point me in that direction!



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    A BL at that age providing its stock shouldn't have a great deal of issues, check its service history, hopefully it's been service a little more than its 10k intervals, if possibly have a cylinder leakage test done as carbon build up is more likely on std cars, also check the steering for any direction changes under mild acceleration and braking, listen for small annoying rear end noises

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    Awesome thanks for getting back to me! Owner's husband is a mechanic and didn't think tests necessary for when they bought the car, servicing was done on time every time and in a log book with receipts

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