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Thread: Things to look for when buying 06 mps

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    Hi guys new member here, currently looking at buying and mps 06-08 model and just wanted to.know what I should be looking for they've all done around 145000. Is the timing chain an issue with these and how much is it to get done if it hasn't been done already any help would be appreciated

    Cheers guys

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    definitely an issue, and needs to be done... probably looking at $1-1.5k depending on where you go...

    I'd also make sure to let the car idle for ~10-15 minutes after it's warmed up, you don't want a bad turbo.

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    Sweet cheers took one for a drive today couldn't really find any issues however they couldn't tell me if the chain had been done waiting for a reply anything else in particular I should be looking for

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    I own an '06 3MPS and don't have an issue with the timing chain. To be honest, wouldn't know what would happen if it was stretched, but it seems to run fine.

    I'd be careful of engine mounts and suspension in the first instance, then let the engine warm considerably, then idle hot... if turbo is bad, smoke will happen when idle...

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    let it idle for 10-15 minutes - if the exhaust starts smoking, the turbo is ****ed. ask for minimum 1K off the asking price to cover turbo replacement costs (prolly cost more than that)

    check engine mounts for excessive wear, signs of fluid leak (our OEM mounts are hydraulic)

    rock car back and forth to see if suspension is shagged (it should rock back and forth once, and once only.)

    open the oil cap on top of valve cover, chain should *tight*. if there is any movement over 1mm, the chain or VVT tensioner is on its way out. the kit is 600-650AUD, the install can cost between 700-1100 depending on where you go and how experienced they are.

    get under the car and make sure the rear drive shafts are still there, and connected to the rear diff.

    Also, unless your a mechanic, you should always always ALWAYS get a pre-purchase inpsection done. they cost about 200 bucks, are done by a certified mechanic, and can save you a whole heap of heart ache. if the buyer refuses to allow the car to be inspected, walk away.
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    Ok thanks heaps guys makes it a bit more easier to neg on price ect

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    There are alot that can go wrong on a car this old. I would be looking for service history and whos done it. One of the items that caught me by surprise is the RV.

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    Thanks for this thread, it helped me buy my new 06 MPS, i couldn't be happier with the new purchase!

    I'm planning a drive up to Bathurst this weekend.

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