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Thread: New member, just bought 09' GEN2 MPS.

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    Default New member, just bought 09' GEN2 MPS.

    Just bought a GEN2 MPS, stock as a rock. Considered it a great canvas. This question has most likely been asked a million times, where do I start? Been doing some research and have come up with a few angles. Is it beneficial to start with a tune, maybe buying an AP? Or do you start with what i consider basic mods first; CAI, DP, Exhaust etc.. not necessarly in that order. Info seems abundant on google, or a lil daunting for a newbie. Just after some advice on peoples thoughts, experiences etc. Thanks. Located in Brisbane.

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    The beauty of the AP and VT is that they can work with your car as you add more mods.

    There is tunes for stock, intake only, intake + hpfp, intercooler + intake + dp + hpfp, etc...

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