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Thread: Any hints tips for a new MPS owner/ member?

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    Default Any hints tips for a new MPS owner/ member?

    Hey fellas,
    I have recently bought a stock 6 MPS in grey with 120000klm but in good condition, I love the car, so comfortable but also fun to drive and i love the sleeper look and the fact that they aren't common like Rex's and that!

    I want to upgrade it a bit, exhaust, intake and a tune are the first on the list. I would also like a custom grill as the stock one is the only thing i dont like about the car (anyone know where to get these, lots of US sites with em but cant find any in Oz).

    I havent got much experience working on cars but would like to learn by dong what i can myself. I am not made of money so i want to spend it wisely so in saying that can you guys recommend places to get parts in Sydney? I have heard (maybe incorretly) that MPS garage are slow in gettin parts and expensive, I think its Autotech? which is close to where i live is apparently ordinary. I have heard Tunehouse is good and i have already got a quote from them for a stage 2 upgrade which seems a bit x'y for me but i am still thinking about it......

    I am also wondering if/where i can get a good turbo back exhaust that isnt stainless? I am not trying to build a show car so cant justify a full stainless exhaust and hoping i might be able to save a bit of cash there........ And if i will get a decent result by just flash tuning with a cobb instead of getting a dyno tune from a place like tunehouse?

    Anyways, anyones help will be greatly appreciated!!


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    Welcome. You you can save a lot of money doing stuff yourself and you can do most anything with a bit of research and asking a few questions. When I got my MPS I had no idea what I was doing either, but now have a fair few mods, with almost everything done myself.

    For power, I'd suggest starting with a 3" intake, rear engine mount, turbo back exhaust (or just a second cat delete for 90% of the gains), hpfp internals (don't skip this one!), maybe a tmic, and a good tune. That will get you very good gains on the stock turbo.

    Tunehouse have a good rep but I think their packages are very expensive compared to diy. Wolf racing seem to be ok for parts and iv had no problems with them so far. Yeah, stay away from MPS Garage. They are dishonest, give no ****s about their customers, and are banned from this site. Otherwise, ordering parts from the US (edge autosport and direct from companies like corksport) is the best option, even with the shitty dollar
    Try 2xs racing for exhaust stuff (also intakes and some other stuff). He does awesome work with ceramic coated mild steel exhausts and knows the MPS very well.

    Good luck

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    Thanks Lachlan, I will check out Wolf and 2xs racing

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