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Thread: First time poster long time browser, after a bit of advice on my 6mps.

  1. Angry First time poster long time browser, after a bit of advice on my 6mps.

    Not sure how active the forum is anymore but I recently purchased my beautiful 6 mps and I love it to bits but so far had a small issue (snapped cv shaft rear) it's okay it hasn't changed the way I feel about the car. I don't think I'm ever going to get rid of it who knows maybe a full build down the line
    Since have had that repaired but today I was having a bit of a look under the car and noticed something a bit odd, I found a spray like pattern of oil or grease pretty sure it's grease on the tunnel right where the gearbox connects to the prop shaft is this normal or is it something that's fairly bad?
    Also I think I have to replace one of the motor mounts so I was thinking I'll do the jbr trilogy and just replace them all any comments on them? Also thinking of doing the rear differential mount aswell and maybe upgrading the rear drive shafts as I will soon be hunting more power any comments or advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Attached a photo so you can see what I mean.

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    Can a mod delete this as I've put it in the wrong section??

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