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Thread: Buying a MPS on Friday, would like to know a few things about this car

  1. Default Buying a MPS on Friday, would like to know a few things about this car

    Hey guys, this will be the first Mazda i have owned, coming from owning 2 Astra Turbos. I had great fun with these cars and gave me some thrills ( even though the turbo is small in these cars) it worked really well and you really felt the boost, do you notice it much in the MPS ? I heard in the lower revs its not so good, but you feel it more in 3rd and 4th ?

    Anyway the car i am buying is a Celestial Blue, its a 2010 Luxuary mps with 63,000ks on the clock with only ever having one female owner and no mods at all which is what i wanted.

    Im not sure if i want to mod the car yet, maybe if anything i was only going to flash the ecu as i would like to feel the boost in 1st and 2nd, but havent driven yet so not sure how she drives yet. Maybe it will be nice coming from my Astra to the mps.

    So i was wondering if yous could give me some tips about the car, maybe some well known problems it can have or maybe whats good about these cars. Maybe some cool accessories or anything i can do or use to keep my mps in great condition . Also maybe the best oil to use, do i use genuine spark plugs or do others perform better, and if using different fuel makes a difference ? I used to run bp ultimate in my astra and it worked great.
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    Spend some time searching and browsing the forum, all of the things you are looking for have been covered in a lot of detail over the years. As for the easy answers, use 5W-30 or 5W-40 fully synthetic oil (I use Castrol Edge) and NGK spark plugs seem to be the most consistently recommended.

    A 2010 MPS with 63000km's on the clock has gotta be a pretty damn sweet deal. Bonus points for the blue.

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