Hi guys im a newcomer here.
Lets just start by saying i have fallen in love with an MPS and i cant wait to buy one and make it my project before i head off to the air-force and start my studying... Anyway i was just wondering if anyone could help me with some questions as i have been reading previous forum posts and people have said that the MPS is illegal in QLD for P platers, but the Law has changed since 2011 and now the MPS should technically be legal with an exemption as it produces 120.6 kw/t (stock) and the maximum amount that legally can be produced is 125 kw/t.

So i was just wondering if this is the correct power the MPS makes when it is complete stock?
Where can i find a document published by the manufacturer verifying thepower-to-weight ratio, such as the owner’s manual orinformation from the manufacturer’s website? ( Owners manual once i buy the car)
Or should i just dyno it once i buy it?

I need these documents to get the car exempt as i am on my Green P's.
Exemption form https://www.support.transport.qld.gov.au/qt/formsdat.nsf/forms/QF4467/$file/F4467_CFD.pdf

Thanks for the help.