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Thread: MPS Spoiler anyone?

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    Hi Everyone, I'm a big mazda fan though I don't have an MPS I have an Sp25 and really like the more aggressive look of the MPS spoiler over the Standard 3 spoiler. I've been looking everywhere for a spare MPS spoiler if any of you guys may have one(swap) or if you guys would know where there is one available e.g wrecking yards, spare parts etc. Any help is appreciated! Cheers

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    I've only seen wreckers sell the whole tailgate, not the wing seperately. They pop up occassionally on ebay but try formaz parts in milperra. They have had both Bk and Bl tailgates listed at one stage or another.

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    Oh thanks that will help! Trying my best to find a black one but if not I'll have to get one of another colour and respray! Factory new ones quoted from mazda were around 1.5k so wrecking yards have been my best bet. Thanks for your input anyways

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    hi there, there is a complete one for sale on ebay velocity red for $400 wreckers in Newcastle region nsw.

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    thanks for that! I'll look into it! Gumtree is going around 200-300 but will have a look thanks again!

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    On Ebay they are shipping out from Japan! not 100% if legit and whether it would fit to my mazda! would anyone have information on that?

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