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Thread: Problems with my 2010 MPs

  1. Default Problems with my 2010 MPs

    Hi everyone I just joined so hope I'm doing this correct. I've got a 2010 MPs with 60k on the clock I've had it for 8 months and have had it back to the dealership 6 times already with the same problem, the engine light keeps coming on, it's blowing black smoke, it's backfired a few times and is losing power at high exceleration maybe sergings the word I'm looking for. Mazda couldn't work out what the problem was, I picked up my car today and was told it needs a computer update that hasn't been made yet and I have to wait till Mazda make a computer update before my car can be fixed. I was told this is a problem with 3s and 6s and its across the board? Has anyone else had these problems with their car? Or heard anything about the update needed? I'm at my wits end.

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    Any idea what the code is?

    I'd start with changing spark plugs... But finding out the code would be a good start

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    I'll ring up and grab the code tomorrow, everything has been changed, I bought my car from John Hughes and have a 5 year warranty with it, they've sent it to Mazda 6 times and they've been right through my car and can't find a problem, new computer update needed is what they came back at me with today.

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    We have a WA MPS Collective group on Facebook if you want to ask on there. Couple of guys from Mazda on the page too. Maybe some kind of problem with the tune ?

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