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Thread: My 05 black MPS6

  1. Default My 05 black MPS6

    Hey Guys,

    Just bought an 05 MPS 6.
    shes currently sitting on kings springs, other than that shes completely stock.

    gorgeous looking car, and freaking fast
    but shes also very noisy. the road noise is very loud, even with windows and music up.
    is this normal for the mps6 or is it just my car?

    my getting new tyres next week so hopefully that would help with the noise.

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    What tires does it have? Also, how are they wearing?


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    thanks SarcasticOne,

    tyres are achilles atr sport.
    sorry dont know what u mean by "how are they wearing?"

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    Hey wannamps!

    Car looks great lowered! Just also bought a 05 MPS 6 in white a few weeks ago, was thinking of getting the king springs too but I've got 3 little ones in the back seat to lug around so didn't want to have a bumpy ride. How does yours ride with the kings in them? Are they bearable or too bumpy?


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