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Thread: New Forum Member and looking to Buy Gen 2 MPS Soon!

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    Default New Forum Member and looking to Buy Gen 2 MPS Soon!

    Hi All,

    Long time reader and now a member! After owing several R33 Skylines, then recently a Nissan 350GT that I just sold tonight, i am going to come back to the world of turbocharged vehicles and get a Gen 2 Mazda 3 MPS.

    Mrs has a 2006 SP23, a great little car, and after driving a few Gen 2 MPS cars I cant wait to get one in the driveway!!!

    I enjoyed my 350GT, but i really missed the turbo goodness.........

    SO I am now on the hunt for a low km Gen 2 MPS in Sydney. Keen for a Silver or White one. So now the hunting begins!

    Looking forward to meeting other members and getting involved in the club. I am a Skylines Australia Forum member too as lots of mates are on there.

    so Big GDAY to all the Mazda Forum members. Cheers


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    Welcome Andy and good luck with your search. Cheers

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    Welcome !! And hope you find what your looking for soon

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    Thanks. Super keen to get a mps in the garage

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    Found an immaculate 2010 mps i silver. Deposit done!!!!!!

    Should pick it up in a week or so......

    Cant wait for that turbo goodness ☺😊😀

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    Hows the car Andy?

    Am also on the hunt for a MPS now.

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