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Thread: About to purchase 2010 MPS (Sydney), Please help me!

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    Default About to purchase 2010 MPS (Sydney), Please help me!

    You are all my last hope

    So I've been looking at an MPS for a few days now and went to see it in person yesterday.

    Overall, the car seems to be in good condition, however it does have a few scratches (lots of nail scratches in door handles), front bumper, and a few from car park shopping trolleys but none too obvious.
    Also has a small dent on the a-pillar, apparently caused by a golf ball hit. While these imperfections are not ideal, I am mainly concerned about the mechanical aspect.

    It has done 65,000km, built Oct 2010, and is driven by a couple over 35, garaged at night.

    It is on Original Clutch and Original Brakes, and 5,000km into its 3rd set of tires (pirelli cinturato p1 225/18)

    I took it for a spin, and the owner even semi-launched it from 3k RPM, flooring it all the way to through to third to 120km/hr and it seemed like the clutch was fine. I could not personally tell its condition. He called his Mechanic friend to ask, and the Mechanic Friend said the original clutch should last until 150,000Km (seems legit..). The owner claims he only occasionally gives the car the beans, and waits for the blue light on the dash to go out before driving. I did not notice any smoke out of the exhausts at all, even after 3 hard pulls to 120km/hr.

    It has a log book, with dealer servicing for the first 3 services (10k, 20k), and then his local Mechanic Friend for the rest (30k,40k,50k,60k). Apparently the major service was at 40k, and the next is when..?

    We have arranged a time today to go to his Mechanic (in a shop), that he has apparently been friends with for 20 years, for him to lift the car up and have a look with me for FREE, brake pad left etc (but he probably won't look at turbo seals etc). The owner has made it clear I can get my own mechanic to have a look.

    What I want to know is, should I just see what his mechanic has to say, or then pay him for a written report too?
    The fact that he is a friend of the seller, I am worried he might neglect to give me an objective view, and I'm hoping if I paid him to do the full assessment, he might not lie?

    Should I get a compression test done?

    If anyone knows any reputable mechanics, especially ones that deal with MPS's around Kings Langley/ Blacktown / Kings Park and even as far as Eastern Creek NSW, I would LOVE to know.

    I would really appreciate ANY advice, I posted on whirlpool after making an account here (but its so hard to navigate!) but they don't know much about MPS's, so please redirect me to the right place if this is not

    I am going out later to meet with his mechanic, and again, would love any advice from MPS'sers here (maybe even join me for a ride if you are in the area?)

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    Edit: maybe I am not used to the clutch/ this type of car, but owner recommended me to give it a bit more gas in first before/when engaging the clutch to make it smooth. Is this normal?

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    Just from what you are saying it sounds like it has been taken care of mechanically.

    The stock clutches are pretty strong. The way it behaves sounds fairly normal.

    IMO if you're not mechanically minded you should definitely get your own mechanic to check it out, or at least bring a mechanically minded friend to check it out.

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    Is this the first MPS you've driven? Personally I'd try a couple of others before putting down your cash. There are a few around each state. With only 65km you can probably assume all is OK mechanically due to lack of wear and tear, but it does sound like the seller thrashes it around a bit (the showing off launch to 120km sounds like he gives it a squirt all too often), and the cosmetic imperfections would put me off unless it was a really good price. There are much better condition MPSes around - most I've seen have been pretty mint.

    The seller seems pretty keen, almost too keen, to sell whisking you off to his mechanic ...


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    Thanks for the replies!

    I did drive a dealer car at 100,000km but I none others

    The sellers seem honest, their reason for sale was a new CX5, and not many demerit points left (from low range speeding, sounded legit, they freely admitted it without me bringing it up at all) and while the husband did admit to the occasional slight 'driving it how it was meant to be driven', it is mostly driven by the school teacher wife. Scratches seem legit, correct height for shopping trolleys, only on one side, panels are well aligned. The indie mechanic took a quick look at it with me on his hoist, and told me everything looked pretty good (shone a torch into the engine bay from underneath and told me the clutch had a lot left in them) - I didn't go for the full inspection. Front brakes will have to be done in the next service apparently but rears have 40% left.. normal or sound fishy to anyone (since these are original brakes)? The mechanic also stated the seller was just a customer, rather than a close friend.

    ...And I am now the new owner of the MPS and it is the first car I have bought/owned myself

    Will be picking it up in a day or two after funds are cleared. Will definitely hang around and update
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    Yeah, sounds about right...

    Although, a compression test might have been a good idea to ensure the motor is healthy

    An occasional flogging is fine, as long as it's warmed up (which is seems he makes sure it is)...

    And yeah, clutches last a while in these cars as long as you don't go too crazy... The gearbox is pretty strong, the motor is the weak point in the drive line

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugh View Post

    ...And I am now the new owner of the MPS and it is the first car I have bought/owned myself

    Will be picking it up in a day or two after funds are cleared. Will definitely hang around and update
    Congrats! Hope you enjoy it.

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