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Thread: Newbie Dinosaur, MPS 6 owner, has questions

  1. Default Newbie Dinosaur, MPS 6 owner, has questions

    I have had a silver '06 Mazda 6 MPS for a year now. Bought it sight unseen interstate. It sounded (and still does) like a tractor. Have read forums on here saying similar noise on (most?) MPS. From reading forums I think it is something to do with the timing chain actuator or the hydraulic adjustor. The question is, is this something we should be really concerned about, it is going to cost us a lot of money, or is it just a sound that is synominous with these engines? Any advice would be most helpful. My wife was told when getting rego from the mechanic that there's something wrong with the engine and to make it somebody else's problem. I don't really want to do this as it is otherwise a great car. Thanks in advance.

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    Hello and welcome,

    The timing chain issue is pretty well known and something that needs to be dealt with. If you're in the Newcastle area, message @MPS2NV. He's got a great reputation here on the forum for meticulous work. Ask him to give you a quote. There's a good chance he'll find any other issues you have at the same time as he's very experienced with the MPS engine.

    Good luck with it and I hope it turns out well for you.

    Cheers 😊

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    sorry for the delay
    its my 1st go in forums and didnt see the replies
    i can live with the noise and can say i dont drive it hard(i havnt felt the awd come on)
    i dont want the engine to destroy itself though
    not sure if i need to act on it

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    Welcome pcs1,

    the VVT issue will need to be acted on eventually, and will cost around $1500 from a Mazda dealer to do, higher at a less scrupulous dealer. You don't have to rush to get it done but failure to repair will result in the tensioner one day skipping a cog, sending the chain flying and then its a much more expensive proposition to repair (new engine or $$$$ rebuild).

    I've had my MPS3 for three years now, and its always had a mild tractor sound, but has slowly become louder at idle. It's going in next week. I'd also reckon that when the VVT is rebuilt it will result in a significantly smoother powerband.

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