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    Hi guys,

    Just picked up a '13 MPS in Aluminium Metallic. I managed to find an extremely low km car (14,000km) at a very attractive price. The car still has a new car smell and the back seats have never been used. The previous owner was an elderly gentleman who had lost his licence due to health related issues. I had traded up from a '12 Mazda 3 Neo so I've gone from one extreme to the other . So far I am very impressed and really enjoying the car. I had the 2 year service done today and got the dealer to make a small software change that allows the accessories (radio, bluetooth etc) to stay on after the engine is turned off. Surprisingly, I was told that I was the first person to request this - not just for MPS but for any Mazda with the advanced keyless option. I would have thought that this is something that a lot of people, like myself, would find annoying. Apparently not? Anyway it's been fixed now. Looking forward to reading posts on the forum.
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    Nice buy! Welcome

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